The AerialOS™ for
unmanned aircraft

Airspace Awareness. Flight Operations. Weather Intelligence. All in one unified platform.

A smarter approach to airspace management

AerialOS™ is a comprehensive flight operations management system that efficiently routes, synchronizes, and regulates unmanned aircraft in our shared airspace. Our platform employs advanced algorithms to analyze airspace, vehicle, and environmental data, enabling safe and efficient operations for commercial drones and advanced air mobility. By continuously monitoring and adapting to evolving conditions, we address the limitations of traditional UTM solutions and ensure optimal performance.


Define airspace parameters, automate authorization, and analyze rich data layers with the only system that provides optimized predictions. 

Gain visibility into shared airspace with a system that shows all airspace traffic, flight details, and local conditions in near real time.  

Identify unforeseen trends in airspace, vehicle, and environmental data leading to more intelligent monitoring and management of unmanned flights, providing strategic insights that help improve flight schedules, routes, and operations.

Enable drones to safely navigate shared airspace with a system that automatically generates new routes as conditions and restrictions change. 


Automatically generate and execute optimal flight paths with advanced route planning and deconfliction from other aircraft and obstacles. 

Streamline operations to generate the optimal routes, autonomously deconflict with other aircraft, and avoid hazardous conditions.

Make compliance mandatory with safety parameters programmed into flight planning to consistently execute missions within the airspace rules. 

Provide indisputable transparency for managers and authorities with an advanced system that stores all flight data securely and accurately. 


Assess hyper-local weather conditions, including wind speed and direction, temperature, and visibility, providing deep insight into weather patterns and trends that can be critical for various industries.   

Benefit from highly precise forecasts that account for a multitude of local weather variables to make informed decisions about a wide array of activities.

Enhance operational efficiency by scheduling activities based on weather patterns, leading to fewer delays or cancellations, reduced risk of weather-related damage, and improved productivity.

Besides weather conditions, gain detailed insights into the specific locales for better planning and strategizing, whether it’s choosing a new location for business expansion or planning an outdoor event.   

An all-encompassing view of the ground and sky

We’re fueling our system with global data sources for the most comprehensive operating picture of the sky and the ground below. 


Manned and unmanned air traffic, ground traffic, radar-detected objects.


Classes of airspace, NOTAMs & TFRs 


Flight requirements, certifications, authorizations, noise restrictions 


Wind, precipitation, temperature, visibility, lightning, micro-weather 


Buildings, neighborhoods, schools, stadiums, population density 


Elevation, temporary obstacles 


Battery life, weight capacity, wind resistance, endurance


Loaded weight, speed, location, destination


Automate flight authorization,
planning, and execution.

A smarter, more complete solution to manage your entire drone workflow and automate every phase of flight.

  • Simplify airspace
  • Automate operations
  • Real-time insights

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Deploy, manage, and scale your
drone operation.

In an increasingly complex airspace, SkyGrid is simplifying drone operations with a smarter generation of software.

  • Minimize risks
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve auditability



Safely integrate drones in your
national airspace.

As more drones take flight, SkyGrid offers a new approach to manage unmanned air traffic and alleviate the burden on air traffic controllers.  

  • Ensure compliance
  • Prioritize safety
  • Gain visibility

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