Expanding horizons in urban transportation

The era of advanced air mobility.

Shaping the future

Urban skies are transformed into a reliable, efficient, and safe transportation ecosystem.

At SkyGrid, we’re at the forefront of tackling the aviation industry’s most significant hurdle: the integration of unmanned aircraft into global airspace and the execution of autonomous operations. We envision a future with highly automated aircraft that function without the need for onboard pilots.

Our solutions are set to propel the advanced aerial mobility (AAM) ecosystem, acting as a crucial catalyst for implementing and expanding AAM in the existing air transportation system. Our services cater to a wide spectrum of AAM stakeholders, including air navigation service providers, urban authorities, fleet and vertiport operators. 

SkyGrid’s integrated system, services, and technologies will play a pivotal role in every phase of the flight, from planning and enroute to final approach and after landing.

We are committed to ensuring the safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles into the global airspace.

In the future, the evolution of infrastructure and regulatory standards will hinge on these network management services to enable unmanned, autonomous flight. 

Realizing the potential.

Committed to safely advancing autonomy in the skies, driving innovation and reshaping the future of aviation.

Increased Safety

Provides integrated situation awareness, ensuring maximum safety by mitigating hazards and preventing accidents.


Allows for the even distribution of air traffic and prevents monopolization by any single entity.


Built to grow and evolve in tandem with increases in operational densities, thus enabling growth toward a future with ubiquitous aerial transportation.


Ensure efficient utilization of airspace, reducing delays and enhancing overall operational performance.

Enhanced Predictability

Created to anticipate potential disruptions, allowing for swift and effective proactive measures.

Improved Sustainability

Designed to minimize environmental impact by optimizing flight paths for energy efficiency and reducing noise pollution in urban areas.

Greater Flexibility

Developed to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft types, thus offering flexibility to meet the diverse needs of urban air mobility operators.

Enhanced Integration

Seamless integration of manned and unmanned air traffic, laying the foundation for a future where both can safely coexist in the same airspace.

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