Integrating unmanned aircraft
with utmost safety
and efficiency

A visionary collaboration
between Boeing
and SparkCognition

In a visionary collaboration, Boeing, a longstanding aviation pioneer, and SparkCognition, an innovator in artificial intelligence, united to create SkyGrid. This strategic partnership aims to address and eliminate gaps that traditional Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions could not. SkyGrid is diligently developing a sophisticated software platform designed to ensure the safe and secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles in global airspace. 

By 2018, advancements in drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft were underway. But the industry lacked a comprehensive system to safely integrate unmanned flights in shared airspace and execute autonomous operations at scale.

Going beyond traditional solutions, SkyGrid is laying the digital foundation essential for enabling seamless commercial and personal transport for billions globally. This robust infrastructure aims to make autonomous flight not just a possibility but a safe and everyday reality.

Our Mission

To be the foremost trusted provider of the critical services essential to integrate remotely piloted aircraft into our global air transportation system by delivering reliable, innovative, and efficient solutions that prioritize safety, security, and regulatory compliance. 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we operate in the hub of technological innovation. Our strategic location allows us to tap into a rich ecosystem of tech talent and industry partnerships.

What sets
us apart

SkyGrid is unlocking efficiency with streamlined workflows, enabling the seamless execution of autonomous flights for unmanned aircraft systems.

100+ years of aviation experience

Backed by Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, we have more than 100 years of experience navigating the global airspace. 

data sources

We show the most complete operating picture of the sky and the ground below with global data feeds from industry-trusted sources.

Ingrained with artificial intelligence

Powered by SparkCognition’s AI technology, we enhance airspace safety and security by automating UAV flights, blocking malicious activity, and predicting drone maintenance.  


Our system eliminates manual workflows, enabling drone operators to autonomously execute optimal flights and allowing authorities to automatically mandate the airspace rules.

The SkyGrid Leadership Team

Jia Xu

Chief Executive Officer

Jia Xu is a proven leader in building at the intersection of electrified, autonomous, and accessible flight, currently serving as the CEO of SkyGrid, where he leads the organization toward its strategic goal of transforming the aviation sector through the integration of unmanned aircraft. Prior to SkyGrid, Xu worked as the CTO for unmanned aerial systems and urban air mobility at Honeywell Aerospace, where Xu led strategic technology and product development and engineering execution.

Before joining Honeywell, Xu worked as chief architect for UAM systems at Airbus, where he built operational architectures and data-driven business cases for UAM vehicles and networks. He also held leadership positions at the RAND Corporation, where he drove its advanced technology portfolio in AI/ML, UAS, and autonomy. On the air vehicle side, Xu worked on UAS design at General Atomics and taught aerodynamics as an adjunct lecturer at Stanford. Xu received his Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford. He also holds Master of Science degrees in aeronautics from Imperial College London and in international relations from the London School of Economics.

Chris Riggio

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Riggio is the current Chief Financial Officer at SkyGrid, focusing on implementing compliant finance and accounting processes to support the development of innovative aerospace products. His diverse financial background spans across roles, including CFO for Boeing’s Research & Technology (BR&T) and Additive Manufacturing organizations, where he led a multi-billion-dollar global portfolio and enabled Boeing to win NASA’s X-66A Sustainable Flight Demonstrator Program.

He also served as CFO for Boeing’s NeXt and HorizonX, where he explored urban air mobility and the future of aviation, managing financial integration, strategic investment planning, and long-range financial planning. Chris’s extensive experience since joining the aviation industry in 2000 covers various aspects such as profit generation, financial planning, SEC reporting, and process re-engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master in International Business from Saint Louis University and attended Beijing University in China.

Fabrice Kunzi

Chief Operating Officer

Fabrice Kunzi is an accomplished technology executive with a blend of technical and regulatory expertise, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at SkyGrid, where he identifies technology and market trends to drive the development of innovative aerospace products and business models.

His previous roles include leading corporate venturing and technology incubation at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI), acting as Chief Engineer for GA-ASI’s Detect and Avoid system, and serving as CTO of Panoptes Systems Corporation, where he played a pivotal role in developing the first commercially available obstacle avoidance system for small unmanned aircraft systems and contributing to the Unmanned Traffic Management concept. In addition to his corporate roles, he holds several patents and participates in industry committees for RTCA, ICAO, EUROCAE, and NATO. Kunzi, an alumnus of the University of North Dakota and MIT, also holds an FAA Commercial Pilot’s License and a Swiss Private Pilot’s License.

Advisory Board

Amir Husain

Executive Board Member, Founder and CEO, SparkCognition

Jason McClain

Executive Board Member, Senior Director, Ventures & Innovation Strategy, The Boeing Company

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