SkyGrid and Its Partners Open HyperWerx Autonomy Facility in Greater Austin Area

Leading AI company announces the launch of a cutting-edge testing facility.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 26, 2021 – SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, and SparkCognition, the world’s leading infrastructure-focused artificial intelligence (AI) company, is pleased to announce the opening of a new complex, HyperWerx™, a first-of-its-kind autonomy facility to showcase the potential of AI integrated with physical systems. The HyperWerx facility will be used by SparkCognition and its partners to develop and test the exciting, new advancements in the world’s most promising technologies.

Building the Future of AI at HyperWerx

“When you work with technology as nebulous as software, it can be challenging to visualize exactly how AI and physical systems will work together. Beyond that, it is simply not possible to develop new physical applications without the experimentation, testing and safety validation process,” said Amir Husain, Founder and CEO of SparkCognition. “With that in mind, we conceived HyperWerx – a place where we can truly explore the interplay between AI software and the physical systems, which I believe will be a core driver in shaping the future of society.”

The HyperWerx facility sits on 50 acres in the greater Austin area, and will explore many facets of AI capabilities–ranging from the development of robotics platforms and unmanned aerial vehicles to the integration of terrestrial and aerial systems and extending to applications in commercial and defense industries. While plans to further develop the entire campus are already in motion, the immediate opening of Building One at HyperWerx will allow SparkCognition to begin deploying complex sensors, fleets of drones, radars, next generation versions of the SkyGrid platform, integrated aerial and terrestrial autonomous systems, and much more.

The HyperWerx facility currently includes participation from key partners SkyGrid and SparkCognition Government Systems and will continue to enhance its partner ecosystem as it adds new capabilities. SkyGrid, a joint venture between Boeing and SparkCognition, is the world’s first aviation operating system built on AI and blockchain, and SparkCognition Government Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, is the world’s first full-spectrum AI company devoted entirely to government and national defense. Current and future partners of HyperWerx will also use the facility to explore new systems and deliver cutting-edge solutions to their customers and partners.

“As technology progresses exponentially, our physical world is increasingly intersecting with the digital world – and exploring the fusion of hardware and software has never been a greater imperative,” said Steve Nordlund, Vice President and General Manager of Phantom Works at The Boeing Company, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at SparkCognition. “With the launch of HyperWerx, SparkCognition is proving its ongoing commitment to bringing the potential of AI to life, solving real world challenges facing its customers and partners.”

This first facility represents hour zero for HyperWerx. The vision for the entire HyperWerx campus is to create an AI ecosystem that involves several partners focused on exploring the art of the possible with AI and other exponential technologies. In the future, SparkCognition will continue to develop the HyperWerx campus, adding more facilities and innovative courses to support the vision of SparkCognition and its HyperWerx partners.

About SkyGrid
SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, is powering the next generation of aviation. We are solving the industry’s biggest challenge of integrating unmanned aircraft in the global airspace and executing autonomous operations. SkyGrid is defining a future where highly automated aircraft operate without the need for onboard pilots. We provide the safety-of-life approved flight operations management services for such aircraft to ensure operations of all participants in the air transportation system are safe and secure. With SkyGrid’s AerialOS™ we also help manage small UAS by providing airspace awareness, flight planning and fleet management services. Based in Austin, Texas, SkyGrid is enabling a wide variety of commercial drone operations from remote inspections to making autonomous flight a reality. For more information, visit, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

About SparkCognition
SparkCognition catalyzes sustainable growth for their clients throughout the world with proven artificial intelligence (AI) systems, award-winning machine learning technology, and a multinational team of AI thought-leaders. Clients are trusted with advancing lives, infrastructure, sustainability, and financial systems across the globe. They partner with SparkCognition to understand their industry’s most pressing challenges, analyze complex data, empower decision-making, and transform human and industrial productivity. With leading-edge artificial intelligence products—Darwin®️, DeepArmor ®️, SparkPredict ®️, and DeepNLPTM—SparkCognition’s clients can adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies. To learn more about how SparkCognition’s AI applications can unlock the power in your data, visit.

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