AI-Based Route Planning

Real-time air traffic management through AI driven flight path assignments and alterations.


Inflight Monitoring/Alerting

In-flight capabilities to handle weather monitoring, alerts, flight path modifications, Remote Pilot in Control (RPIC) handoff, as well as autonomous navigation and failsafe measures.


FAA/Regulatory Agency Integration

Working with regulatory agencies to streamline flight plan approval process for UAVs in the SkyGrid ecosystem.


Automated Route Approvals

Flight paths for each UAV are automatically determined by the system based on current air traffic.


Dynamic Rerouting

Instantly providing alternate flight paths and re-routing UAVs in emergencies, worsening weather conditions or new restricted areas while the vehicle is inflight


Autonomous AI-Driven Cybersecurity

Machine learning based anti-malware to detect/block any anomalous, potentially malicious activity on the edge.


Intelligent Deconfliction

Constantly updating routing and rerouting services to account for hazards and changes in operating conditions.


Distributed Airspace Monitoring

Every vehicle in the system constantly monitors surrounding activity and reports unexpected and suspicious flight paths.


Embedded Predictive Maintenance

Predictive AI analytics and machine learning will examine vehicle and flight data to return actionable insights, flagging suboptimal operations and forecasting vehicle health to ensure safe operations.


Immutable Blockchain Records

SkyGrid’s distributed ledger of immutable transactions will securely store accurate and reliable flight and UAV data.