How SkyGrid Flight Control Addresses Your Challenges with Our Unique Solution

Navigating the airspace is complex, and often risky.

Drone operators must account for a wide range of factors that can change on a whim. Heavy rain or high winds could pick up. A new flight restriction could be issued. Or an emergency helicopter could suddenly conflict with the route. It is simply not feasible for humans alone to monitor and track all these factors. But SkyGrid can help.  


Our Airspace Awareness application enables drone operators to understand the airspace, predict environmental changes, and avoid hazardous conditions. With a 3D airspace map and multiple data layers, including airspace traffic, flight restrictions, hyper-local weather, obstacle data, roadway traffic, and more, the application shows a comprehensive picture of the sky and the ground below. 

By powering our application with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, we are eliminating the potential for human error when it comes to the safety and security of our airspace. For example, smart conditions within Airspace Awareness help enterprises ensure safe and compliant drone operations. Organizations can set company-wide conditions that apply to all flights in addition to custom parameters for specific missions, drones, or payloads.  

These conditions can be set based on a wide variety of factors, such as local regulations, weather, or vehicle health. Company-wide conditions could include regulatory standards, such as flying below 400 feet and avoiding areas near airports, while custom parameters for specific drones or payloads could include flying with at least 40 percent battery life or flying under 25 mph winds. 

SkyGrid blockchain technology, augmented with smart contracts that operate under performance guarantees, validates the conditions, and only authorizes flights that meet all parameters. This approach prevents pilots from selecting a mission or drone that does not meet the required safety conditions set by an organization. Once a route is approved, commercial fleet managers and pilots will receive real-time alerts if a condition is at risk of violation during flight. The blockchain maintains a minute-by-minute record of each drone’s status and its flight details, including altitude, location, etc.  

SkyGrid is also applying artificial intelligence to generate the safest routes and recommend new routes as the environment changes. For example, if a new flight restriction is issued or wind speeds suddenly increase, the AI models will generate a new route that is not at risk of violating a condition. 


What sets us apart?

SkyGrid is the first and only drone management system powered by AI and blockchain. These technologies are critical to avoid collisions in-flight, protect drones from malicious activity, and ensure data integrity. SkyGrid is backed by Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, we have more than 100 years of experience navigating the global airspace. We show the most complete operating picture of the sky and the ground below with global data feeds from industry-trusted sources. Our system eliminates the manual workflows, enabling drone operators to autonomously execute optimal flights and allowing authorities to automatically mandate the airspace rules. 

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