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June 30, 2022

UAV Advantages and Disadvantages

UAV Advantages and Disadvantages

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have created great ease in a number of operations and across various industries. The integration of the latest technologies has allowed for higher levels of reliability and a more reassuring degree of trust in the use of UAVs.

Advantages of UAV Drones  

One of the biggest reasons for the widespread use of drones is their ability to traverse and maneuver through areas that would be dangerous for humans to be in. Oil and gas refineries, pipelines, and flare stacks are examples where drones can be used to monitor the location for potential hazards and notify the relevant authorities if threatening conditions are detected. 

Apart from taking on dangerous tasks, drones can also monitor areas that do not necessarily pose a risk to human workers. Still, the reliance on human workers can add a considerable margin of error and accuracy. Drone automation shows potential for reducing this risk of error. 

For instance, the railway inspection system has been greatly improved by implementing drones. Now routine procedures such as defect detections and crack detections, both of which demand close attention to detect accurately, can be picked up on more quickly. Unlike humans, drones do not tire so inspections can be carried out more frequently, adding to the safety, dependability, and performance of railways. 

For industrial processes, precision is a need. UAVs employ the Global Positioning System (GPS) to be guided to the desired locations more accurately. The agriculture industry uses drones to carry out operations such as pesticide spraying, crop assessments, field soil analysis, and crop health monitoring. These operations require controlled precision of the area over which the operation is conducted. By using drones with the appropriate GPS built into their software, farmers are able to carry out these operations in a cost and time-effective manner. 

The ease with which drones can be operated and deployed has allowed users from a wide range of backgrounds, technical or not, to use drones. Over the years, the range of drones available has also become quite extensive. The availability of low-cost drones that are easily controllable is perhaps one of the reasons that drones have become mainstream. Operators do not need an extensive technical background to navigate a drone securely. 

With the use of technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, drones are now backed up with a secure and reliable system. With this heightened safety, drones are now used for high stake roles regarding security. Drones can be used to provide surveillance and security to organizations. This reliability also makes it useful in recovery and disaster missions.

Disadvantages of UAV

Although UAVs have become increasingly complex and efficient by using the latest advancements in technology, there is room to grow. 

One major concern that has increased as drones make it to mainstream use is privacy. UAVs can be hijacked or manipulated. They can also trespass into authorized areas such as airports and military zones. While convenient surveillance is an advantageous use of drones, it can become a disadvantage with severe consequences when done by third parties. While there have been measures taken, such as geofencing to restrict the movement of UAVs into authorized zones, there is still more to be done to secure public security and individuals’ privacy. 

These privacy risks are extended as fears of hacking are present with unmanned aircraft. The central control system of the drone can be attacked, and hackers can take over control of the drone. Private information can be extracted and then corrupted or completely damaged.  

Much has been done to increase the accuracy of control of drones within the ever-changing complexity of the airspace. This control becomes even more important when drones are used in heavily-populated areas. Drones need to operate at a level that eliminates the risk of harm to surrounding infrastructures and people.

The Growing Popularity of Drones

Despite the disadvantages, unmanned vehicles such as drones have become increasingly popular. The advancements in technological fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have allowed for the development of drone systems with upgraded and refined systems that provide greater security, safety, and efficiency to make drone missions more successful. 


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