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September 2, 2022

Benefits of Software that Assist in Fleet Management

Benefits of Software that Assist in Fleet Management

As the use of drones becomes more commonplace across industries for various crucial processes like deliveries and inventory management, the need for infallible drone fleet management is more urgent than ever. The evolution of technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain has allowed for the introduction of comprehensive drone fleet management software that promises a lot more features than previous iterations.

Companies that rely on drones can track productivity and implement drone automation in tasks such as monitoring inventory, infrastructure inspections, remote sensing, and assessing overall productivity through this drone fleet management software. With the use of drone fleet management software, businesses can maximize their return on investment (ROI) and gain greater insights into their operations, as well as improve communications across their teams.

Advantages of Drone Fleet Management Software

High-quality software is able to offer better drone fleet management and improve operations in a number of ways.

Maintain an Organized System of Records

Drones are ideal for surveillance and inspection tasks. They can record data continuously over a long period of time, which provides companies the opportunity to pick up on trends and gain other insights through data analysis. However, the ability to do this with ease is only possible when the abundant data collected through drones is organized comprehensively.

The organization is a necessary part of drone fleet management. Drone fleet management requires precision which can only be accomplished well when the system of operations is organized. A crucial step to building and maintaining an organized system is creating a system of record for all kinds of fleet information. This includes data collected through inspections and surveillance, maintenance records, and documentation. Any data obtained through fleet operations need to be recorded within this comprehension system of record.

Remote Management

One of the biggest challenges in the drone industry is the control and management of drones in mid-operation. Previously, it was tough to control drones with a high enough degree of precision that warranted security and safety of operations. In addition to a lack of heightened visibility into operations, team communication was also subpar.

With the introduction of better systems and software that integrates the best of the latest technologies, this is less of an issue. Drone fleet management software creates a seamless medium of communication within and between. Employees can access real-time fleet information and use it to create and manage tasks effectively from anywhere. It also tackles the problems faced by drone operators by increasing visibility into operations. Drone operators can manage their tasks in real-time much more efficiently and remotely.

Better Compliance with FAA regulations

With drone operations gaining mainstream momentum, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has been working to create regulations and guidelines to better control and manage the use of drones. To ensure the drone fleet’s best possible operations, complying with FAA’s regulations and requirements is imperative.

Regarding regulatory compliance, blockchain augmented with smart contracts can encode the airspace rules, such as flying below 400 feet during daylight hours, as mandatory parameters in a flight planning system.  Organizations can also use this technology to set additional company-wide safety standards for their commercial drone operations, such as flying with at least 20% battery life under 25 mph winds.  

The blockchain smart contracts automatically record information onto the ledger and execute the terms without human intervention. This approach helps automate compliance with the rules before flight authorization and during flight as airspace conditions change. It also helps ensure all drone operators associated with your organization are following the same rulebook.

Skygrid’s fleet management software improves the reliability and security of operations by employing artificial intelligence to predict, diagnose and optimize fleet performance. As the fleet increases in size, maintaining a standard or quality can become difficult without the proper fleet management software. Predictive AI technology can identify and resolve issues before they limit productivity and cause operations to stutter.


Skygrid has been a pioneer in the drone industry, combining the best of what technology has to offer, to develop solutions to problems faced in the drone industry. To learn more about how we can help improve your fleet management, visit us here!


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