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October 13, 2020

Your Go-To Airspace Map for Safe Drone Operations

Your Go-To Airspace Map for Safe Drone Operations

At SkyGrid, we recognize how important it is to access detailed, up-to-date airspace intelligence before taking flight. That’s why we’re providing the most robust airspace map to help drone operators ensure every mission is safe and successful.

Our free, SkyGrid Flight Control app provides a complete solution to check airspace, get LAANC, automate flights, and detect objects in real-time. At the center of this app is our airspace map with detailed airspace, regulatory, and location data.

Check out the quick overview from our team and read on for more details:


Airspace & Weather Intelligence

Our airspace intelligence includes advanced weather data, such as precipitation, temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, visibility, and more.

The hyper-local weather data is updated every 60 seconds and detailed to the 500-meter radius, compared to traditional weather sources that can take up to 20 minutes to update and only provide a 2,000- to 4,000-meter radius. When you consider how quickly weather patterns can change, more detailed, near-real-time data becomes critical to minimize risks in the airspace, especially when flying smaller drones that are less resilient in harsh weather conditions.

As shown below, pilots can select a tile on our airspace map for an overview of the hyper-local weather details. Pilots can also check for drone air traffic from the SkyGrid system.

Drone airspace map with weather

Regulatory Data & Advisories

Our regulatory data includes airspace classes and advisories from the FAA, such as UAS flight restrictions. We also display the FAA’s UAS Facility Maps that show the pre-approved ceilings in controlled airspace where LAANC is available for auto-approval. This information allows a user to plan flights that can be approved in near near-time, rather than waiting for the plan to be manually reviewed.

For example, the area in purple shows Class C airspace where auto-approval is available up to the pre-approved altitude displayed in the grid, and the area in red indicates a National Security UAS Flight Restriction issued by the FAA.

airspace map with drone flight restrictions

Location Insights with Ground Intelligence

Our location insights include local buildings, obstacles, population density, elevation, and roadway traffic.

The elevation layer is mapped to 0.1-meter height increments, providing the vertical precision necessary to safely route drones over areas with varying elevations. The numbers displayed on our airspace map represent the highest ground elevation in each area to simplify the flight planning process.

drone airspace map with elevation data

Our airspace map also displays roadway traffic to help drone operators avoid flying over congested areas that may pose a risk to vehicles and people on the ground. As you’d expect, the green roads represent light traffic whereas the red roads represent heavy traffic. Operators can use this tool to understand what time of the day has the least amount of traffic and schedule their missions accordingly.

drone map with roadway traffic

Drone pilots also have the option to evaluate the airspace map with a satellite view or in 3D, making it easier to plan inspections and other object-centric flights. When reviewing their mission plan, different point of views also help drone pilots ensure there are no buildings or infrastructures too close to the flight path.

drone airspace map

For enterprises, SkyGrid also offers advanced data layers based on the unique needs of the mission. These data layers can include manned air traffic, foot traffic, radar-detected objects, and other data layers customized to the specific enterprise. To further simplify drone operations, enterprises can also leverage our AI technology to automatically plan, execute, and adapt flights as conditions change.

We know navigating low-altitude airspace is complex, but we aim to make it simple, safe, and secure.

Download SkyGrid Flight Control for free in the iPad App Store or learn more about our advanced enterprise features.


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