A Look Behind SkyGrid’s Brand Refresh

Today is an exciting day for the SkyGrid team as we unveil a new look and feel for our website, products, and brand at large!

Since our official launch just over a year ago, we’ve made incredible progress. We built a team of the brightest minds in the industry, established new customers and partnerships with industry leaders, and developed a product that we truly believe will revolutionize unmanned aviation.

We remain focused on our mission – to safely and intelligently power the next generation of autonomous aviation – and our vision – to become the world’s most trusted airspace management system that integrates all unmanned aircraft in the global airspace. But we felt it was important to have our progress and innovation reflected in our brand.

A key component of this brand refresh is our new logo. Our brandmark not only represents an “S” for SkyGrid, but also reveals an aerial view of a flight path – a portrayal of how we’re simplifying the complex airspace.

In low altitude airspace, conditions shift rapidly and unpredictably. Commercial drone operators are expected to monitor weather changes, avoid buildings and temporary objects, factor in risks on the ground, and maintain separation from other aircraft.

As the number of UAVs in our airspace grows, it’s not feasible for operators and authorities to safely manage unmanned flights with the current technologies available to them. A smarter approach to airspace management is required to help operators navigate the complex sky and allow authorities to monitor the growing volume of unmanned traffic.

Built on AI and blockchain technology, SkyGrid’s AerialOS™ is filling the gaps unaccounted for in today’s unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems. Our AI models analyze crucial data, such as airspace traffic, weather forecasts, ground risks, and vehicle performance, to generate the safest flight paths, adapt flights as conditions change, and predict drone maintenance needs. At the same time, blockchain technology enables us to mandate airspace compliance and create verified audit trails.

These advanced technologies allow us to make the increasingly complex airspace simple, safe, and secure.

Ultimately, we’re solving the industry’s biggest challenges integrating drones, air taxis, and other unmanned aircraft in the global airspace, and we’re proud to reveal a new and improved brand that reflects this innovation.